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Shougang's Steel Production and Sales Integration Project Passed Acceptance

2020-07-03 13:46:52
On May 14, the Shougang Iron and Steel Integrated Production and Marketing Project was completed and handed over for acceptance, marking the successful completion of the Shougang Iron and Steel Industry's integrated production and marketing, management and control, and industry-finance integration information system.

The system covers the joint-stock company Qian'an base, Shunyi base and Jingtang company, involving 12 business modules, involving multiple modules controlled by the group, and also involving multiple sets of MES transformation, such as steelmaking, hot rolling, cold rolling, supply, and feeding. The rebuilding of the secondary system of the relevant production line is the project with the widest scope of implementation and the most content of all informatization projects of Shougang. The project's highly integrated steel intelligent management and control platform has enhanced Shougang's "one industry, multiple locations" integration and coordination level.

The production-sales integration project has been planned since the end of 2015. The joint-stock company and Jingtang Company organized relevant majors to conduct technical exchanges, preliminary investigations of needs, program demonstration and clarification with advanced enterprises at home and abroad, and successively organized field visits to standard steel plants Construction and application of chemical projects. After more than a year of research, communication and demonstration, the project was officially launched in July 2017 through public bidding.

According to the overall plan and arrangement of the project, it has successively completed the business status sorting, management introduction training, benchmarking difference analysis, summary design and review, detailed design and review, system function development, test training and system online switching. The main functions are: The completion of the launch of the Qianshun base at the end of February 2019, and the completion of the Jingtang base at the end of May.

The successful acceptance and operation of the Shougang Iron and Steel Integrated Production and Marketing Project will systematically promote the improvement of lean high-end boutique intelligent manufacturing capabilities, market-oriented efficient operation and operation capabilities, high-end boutique plate agile manufacturing capabilities, and enhance the quality advantages of steel development Advantages, cost advantages, service advantages, technical advantages.
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